Cathedral & Silverton

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Tuesday morning, first stop was the shops in Weymouth.
Almost found a man-purse.
Found an excellent pork pie.
Bid farewell to Tilleys. The shop selling my new handlebar muffs…..

I headed out on an easy run to Exeter
The first part was along the coast. Outstanding views. Coastline to the left. Rolling green hills to the right.

The lunch stop was in Honiton….

An interesting market town, once the heart of a thriving lace industry. And still a centre of excellence.

Then onto Exeter, where I found a primo parking spot by the cathedral. And so arrived just in time for an excellent guided tour. 
Followed by an espresso with an excellent pavlova…..

Rolled onto Barry’s auld stomping ground of Silverton. A nice little village, with a stream running through it.

Pub crawl was easy. Only two pubs open. Third pub took a bit of finding, as is closed down and up for sale. 

Supper ……

and an early night.