Thursday morning, up for a breakfast and chats. 
Oz, Deutch and London participants 🙂

Afterwards, took a couple more items off my toDo list.

Walked over to the bus station. A bit too early for the bus. What to do for the 45mins?
Turned out to be only 6mins to St.Austell’s brewery. Hence this photo….

Back in plenty of time to get to the Eden Project. One easy bus ride.
First stop, lunch. Had a vegan sandwich………

Not a convert, except for the “jello” filling 🙂

Next stop, this photo…..

Then caught the tractor-train to the bottom of what used to be a disused quarry.
Quite the interesting time.
Included a back-rub, ice-cream and meeting Hitler.
Well, maybe not the Hitler. Just some tin-pot dictator who did not like me taking a short-cut back onto the train. Could not ride back up to the top. Bus to catch. Walked back to the top as quickly as I could. Just slightly slower than the train. Bad news: missed my St.Austell bus. Good news: got to update my blog waiting for the next bus.

From the bus station I caught another bus to Charlestown. Bus driver had fun with me. More on that, later.

Neat harbour……

If you look closely you can see the tide is out, but the boats are still riding high. This harbour has lock gates!

Supper was good on the mussels……

But IMHO the plaice and greens were out of the freezer……

Now the bus driver had been diffident about the return bus time, when he sold me a return ticket. So I checked with the waiter. Told that the next bus was in half an hour. Finished up with a coffee and went out.
And waited.
And waited.
Started walking home. Still no bus.
Luckily, I was less than 3km from home.

Once back at my computer, I did some planning for tomorrow.
So many castles, so little time 🙂

Then showered. It had been a hot and sunny day, with lots of walking.

And an early night, listening to the book, ‘Rise of the Romans’