St.Austell to Penzance

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Up early on a rainy Friday morning, to pack and then breakfast. 
Michael, from Germany, another B&B guest, is heading to Penzance for Sunday, so we arranged to meet up that afternoon. I shall be there tonight, and stay the weekend.

Rain had almost stopped by the time I was packed and on the road.
Headed toward St Maves castle. Would have been nicer without the rain and light mist. 
Wondered what it was like for the passengers in the liner, moored in the estuary. 

Across the estuary could be seen Pendennis castle, my next destination.
Took an hour, even with the King Harry ferry.
I love taking ferries 🙂 🙂 🙂 
And this one has a glass side so you can see down the river 🙂

At Pendennis castle, it was recommended that I visit the keep first. A wedding was taking place there shortly. 
Another in the chain of forts built by Henry VIII to ward off the Spanish. Funny what you worry about once you breakaway from the established church, and become head of the new church, all in order to divorce a Spanish wife 😉

Did the tour.
Had a pasty and a capuccino……

As I headed out to my bike, I bumped into Michael!!!
He’d been to Truro, and had just arrived at Pendennis castle. Small world!
Back at the bike, the weather was beginning to clear up, as I chatted with a German couple from Heidelberg. Small world indeed.

Quick trip in sunshine took me to Marazion and a look at St Michael’s Mount.
I was there at 4pm, so too early to walk across. Defaulted to a cup of tea, overlooking the island.
Met Roger the pirate. He looked well travelled, smoked a pipe and has a peg-leg. What else could he be?!!! He did have a motorcycle 😉 We chatted for quite a while.
PS: For those who have not heard of the Gilbert&Sullivan operetta, click here!

Rode to my B&B all of 9mins away. With recommendations for food and evening’s entertainment.

Unpacked. Took a while. I am the room at the top 🙂
Parked the bike and gave it some TLC.
Then went in search of a launderette, in the casino. I kid you not. But the last wash was an hour ago, so I went out for supper.

Nice tandoori chicken…..

though the raita was incedibly sweet, and the aloo gobi slightly sweet.

Was going to have a pint, but decided on a walkabout, and home by 11pm.