Up late on a Saturday morning. Really late. As I started my TaiChi there was a knocking on the door. Simon the landlord to bleed the radiator. As warned yesterday, the boiler is being replaced today.
Oooops. I should have had my shower as soon as I awoke. Simon had mentioned the work schedule yesterday. Still, Bond used cold showers 🙂

Went out to the laundry. In the casino. I kid you not.

Wash of 45mins, so time to go to the Zebra Crossings for an excellent brunch…..

Dried the laundry then out for a walkabout.

Admiral Bembow for the ambiance.
The Turk for oldest pub in Penzance.
Then pickup some fruit, cheese and munchies.
Nearly found a man-purse, but bought a belt instead. Neat shop…..

More walkabout.
Pickup fish&chips to eat in the sun on the beachfront.

To bed.

Matej says:

Related note. Lev’s favourite movie is the 1982 production of pirates of penzance. We have easily watched it over a hundred times. If you see anything at all related to that please take a picture!

biker says:

2017 August 27th!!!
There is a Guinness World Record attempt. How many pirates can you fit into a town!!!
I know you have the appropriate attire.
Hmmmmm. Wonder if that carried over to Lev 😉