Sunday up late again. This time it was housekeeping interrupting my TaiChi 🙂

Lowered the tire pressures on the bike. No load. And could be on iffy roads. Both reasons for softer tires.

Luckily the rain had stopped. And there was lots of sunshine by the time I read Marazion.

Found a bonus parking spot.
Met a nice couple from Bideford.
Walked down to the ferry.
Arrived at St Michael’s Mount……..

Had a light lunch…..

mislabelled as a bouillabaisse.
Even so, the fish was EXCELLENT 🙂
So was the service.

Bought a ticket and walked towards the castle.
Then up.
And up.
And up.
It is a steep hill with a stony surface not built for walking.
The castle tour just made me wish pater et mater had been landed gentry 😉 Quite the nice place.

Once back, I was trying to park the bike when Michael called. What timing. Gave up trying to use the centre-stand. Turns out the asphalt had become soft during the sunny afternoon. The bike was just sinking.
Sorted the parking.
Cleaned up. 
Picked up Michael.
Took him for tea and scones. Zebra Crossings 🙂

We then did a walkabout.
Followed by a small pub crawl (drinking half pints) including a lamb shank supper 🙂

Took Michael back to his B&B.
Walked back to mine.
And sleep 🙂

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