Mousehole, Lands End, and St Just

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Drizzly Monday morning as I awoke before the alarm.
Put air into the bike tires.

Did my best to tamp down the holes in the soft asphalt. Yesterday’s attempts to use the centre-stand had left some marks.
Retrieved my helmet from the B&B and rode the bike up to the front door.
Attached my LHS pannier, and realised I had lost my keys. Mit USB stick ๐Ÿ™ Searched high and low. Neighbour explained a chap had picked them up whilst walking into the park. Went in search, but nothing found.
Asked at the community centre and the gardener’s hutโ€Ž. And while everyone was lovely, no keys. ย I left my details with the gardeners. You never know.
No panic. I carry spares.
Stopped at the Police station on my way out.ย 
My how times have changed! No desk with a polite person to help. Instead a phone.
No keys there either ๐Ÿ™

Rode out to Mousehole. In the drizzle.
Tight corners.
Dropped the bike.
As one of the gentlemen who helped pick the bike up said “It was as if in slow motion”. Well. That’s because it was. I was riding too slowly!

Rode on to Porthcurno and the Telegraph museum.
Really interesting. Especially if you have read “The Victorian Internet“.
Had a cup of tea before the lecture started.
Afterwards toured the museum and World War II tunnels.
Espresso and cake.
I was delaying my start. The rain AND wind had picked up considerably.
Ah well. Here we go.

Rode onto Lands End…….

Yes I made it. Even though the wind was blowing really hard. When I rode into the parking area, it was not good. Wind trying to blow the bike over. Tried a few positions. We should all try a few positions ๐Ÿ˜‰ Ended up with the bike pointing into the wind.
By the way. That grey stuff behind me in the photo, is the mist, and in the far left the Atlantic. But the photo does nothing to show the ferocity of the storm!

Met John, a biker from Northampton. We had a nice chat in the cafe. He still had a 3hr ride to get back to his accommodation.
I on the other hand, had no accommodation booked. So I found something close by. Hotel in St Just.
No point in riding far today. As biker John experienced, the visor steams up, rain trickles in on the inside as well as covering the outside, and cars drive even in this bad weather with their lights off. Makes riding quite the challenge.

I rode off.
Quite nasty. Gusty winds. Driving rain. And visibility down to 80yds.

Glad that St Just showed up after 20mins.
Came into the hotel to be told they were full. Checked my messages to find lots from the hotel. They offered me a golf course, but with a gravel and grass parking area. Hmmmmm. Gusting winds and lots of rain. Why would I go there.ย 

Booked a B&B some 300metres away.
Went outside.
The butchers in the market square had pasties. Had one ๐Ÿ™‚
Suitably prepp’d I rode off.
The Old Post House B&B looked very nice.
Hung up items to dry out.
Then out to mail June’s birthday card. Have a drink in the Star – ceilidh happens every Monday evening.
Then walked over to the Kings for supper…..

Back home for a nice long, warm shower, and to bed ๐Ÿ™‚

Fiona says:

Nice meeting you , good luck on your journey , we’ll follow your blog, keep up the Tai Chi. Hope the weather improves for you.
All the best
Fi and Dom
The Old Post House

biker says:

Was a pleasure meeting you both.
Nice house, with a good feel to.
Thank you for a comfy stay ๐Ÿ™‚

Richard says:

What is that that you had for supper? Can’t tell what it is.

biker says:

Roast chicken on greens on mash.
Smothered in a cider-based sauce. I did suggest keeping the sauce on the side, with maybe a drizzle.