Well the weather was no better on Thursday morning. Luckily the rain stopped as I packed.

Rain started again as I rode off. Luckily I was only riding to Bude. There was a locksmith there.
They could only replicate one of my lost keys, but the most important one. For the panniers 🙂 Took two goes. But key works AOK. Nice to have a spare. The other two are for the TomTom. Am almost wishing someone would take it. Almost.

Rain had turned heavy so I rode off to Castle Bude. At least I could be in-doors.

The parking lot has a cafe that provided coffee and cake, plus a chat with a nice couple.

Rain had stopped and the sun was out as I entered Castle Bude.
Neat place.
And learned about their most famous citizen, Sir Goldworthy Gurney. He gave us limelight, efficient steam engines, and modern lighthouses. Almost gave us steam cars too. Built Castle Bude as his home, which he lit with one lamp!

Was still sunny when I left the Castle Bude cafe, which has an outstanding view of the canal basin, the beach, and the Atlantic.

Rode the 300metres to the hotel.
Primo parking spot on a good surface. Well it is the sidewalk 🙂 A really wide portion in front of the pub.

Booked in.
Did some planning for a couple of weeks down the road 🙂
TLC for the bike. Best done whilst the sun is out. Rain forecast for tomorrow.
Supper: mixed grill. Couple of ciders.
Seem to be a lot of Germans around northern Cornwall. Whole tour in last night’s hotel. Group comes through every week. And several at the bar in this pub. Zer gut 🙂

Then upstairs to update the blog.

G’nite All