Up to a fine Tuesday morning. Could not believe my luck. None of the forecast rain 🙂
Breakfast – excellent full English. I can really recommend this B&B 🙂   
TLC for the bike. 
Bid my farewells. 

Rode over to Geevor mine. REALLY short ride.
Took the tour.
Including a short walk underground. Not for those with claustrophobia!
The museum buildings and the undergroung part took over 3hrs. 
Very interesting time.
Finished the visit with a bowl of soup with a cheese scone……

Scenic route to St Ives.
Lots of twisties.
Blue skies.
Windy though.
Decided not to stay and look around.

Stopped for a tea. Looked at Truro, Newquay, and areas in between. Decided on Newquay.

Arrived at Newquay and booked in. Weird though. I was on the system, but their paperwork had someone else in the room. Took the key and unpacked. 

Did some planning and follow-ups on emails. Then out for a stroll. 

Newquay has multiple beaches.
And one cool house……

Carried on walking to Fistral beach.

Comfy seat at the Headland hotel with a sundowner……

Walked back to my hotel, picking up an excellent lamb supper along the way…..

And thence to sleep 🙂