Election and Barnstaple

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Tough waking up this morning. All that looking at computer screens tires me out.

Awoke to the news of a “hung” Parliament. Teresa May won the general election, but has less than an absolute majority. And 12 seats less than she started with. But more votes then any Conservative since the 80’s. The turnout was 69%. Up since the last election.
The election was all about (pick one or more of the following)
(a) getting a strong negotiating position for Brexit
(b) wiping out the Labour party that was very low in the polls
(c) re-doing the election so the 40 Conservatives under investigation for election spending gain their seats without “stain”
(d) ensuring the Conservatives don’t have to fight an election shortly after Brexit
Best news for Canadians? The GBP has fallen on this result 😉

Excellent breakfast of fresh fruit salad followed by a Cornish kipper:)

Met Simon as I was checking the tire pressures. Nice chat. A biker and landscaper.
And a lady carrying a pineapple.
Then Simon’s sister. They are off to Silverstone in August. 

Rode out but did not get far. Looked like rain. There had been some sprinkles whilst packing. But then a bit of sun. I could see rain in the distance, so pulled over and suited up. 

Had stopped in a layby which had a cafe. So I ordered a cup of tea, only to be asked if I was a TWAT. Don’t get this in Canada 🙂 
Had to agree. You can check out Two Wheels And Tea here 😉
Rode on after a good long chat.
If you are on two wheels, your tea is free! 
Go to the layby on the A39, just north of the village of Kilkhampton

Rode on to Barnstaple

Found my hotel, eventually. Had not triple-checked the location. TomTom took me close, but no cigar. Found the location on my phone, and then reset TomTom. 
Rode on to the hotel, then off to fill up. Petrol was below half.
Then back to the hotel, park the bike, and walk downtown. Too early to check-in. 

First stop was the museum which is small but interesting. 
Then a walkabout. 
A pasty. Eaten on the walk.
Shipham’s brie, for later. 
Pork pie, that when I started eating I had to stop. Jelly was the toughest I’d ever chewed. Meat was tough. Pastry was nice. But not nice enough. Binned the rest of the pork pie.

Coming back to the hotel the streets looked familiar. Took a turn and found‎ the cafe from my last visit. Just closing 🙁
But found another cafe with an americano and meringue desert 🙂
Back at the hotel, I booked in and unpacked. 
Had a cuppa and the brie. 
Then an early night.