Cider, Brandy and Yeovil

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Up early and on a Saturday morning.
Updated the blog.
Breakfast was tea and a pomegranate.
Checked the bike’s tire pressures. It had been cossetted. Indoors and covered 🙂
Headed out in search of cider.‎

Weather was mainly dry with bits of drizzle.
Welcome to England. haha

End up on some single track roads, and TomTom said I was there. Luckily I knew better. After a few minutes a road sign confirmed this. And a few minutes later I was gingerly negotiating a gravel strewn driveway to the Somerset Cider Brandy company.
Real olde worldie place. 100 year old barrels fermenting some excellent ciders. Out of which a variety of brandies are made.
A comely young lady showed me the dark depths of the operation.
Do go 🙂

A short run took me into Yeovil.
Nearly missed the parking spot;) Sorted on the third attempt.

Booked in and found directions to McGreg’s, a Polish restaurant. I ordered a dozen perogies. Would take 20mins I was told. As they had no sour cream, I found a Marks&Sparks and 10% Greek yoghurt.
Returned just in time…..

hahahahaha. Someone should have warned me. They were HUGE!
Staggered out, and sat on the nearest bench till I felt I could move.

Walked around a bit, till I found the Octagen theatre. Bought a ticket for the show tonight. Not sure what to expect. Something about choirs and dance.

Back at the hotel I had a nap.

Awoke and arrived at the theatre just in time.
Second act was a dance done by 2 and 3 year old girls in sparkly dresses carrying wands with a star on top. Super cute. And of course not at all according to plan. They stole the show!
The tap dancers medley starting with ‘Putting on the Ritz‘,  was really good. 
And the choir did a nice job with ‘You Raise Me Up‘ 
And all this for 14GBP in a front row seat. 
Other memories? The feathers falling off the boas in one number. And despite the sweepers, the next dance blew loads of feathers off the stage onto the front rows 🙂
Listening to the choir took me back in time, learning from Kvyitka Kondracki, “Malainka” Lesia, and singing with Vesnivka.  If you get the chance, go listen to Vesnivka. 
Back in Yeovil, was a long concert. Just shy of 3hrs. 
So. headed out and caught a Thai supper…..

G’nite All