Indolence et Londinium

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Well I cannot claim that Chez Barry is a hive of activity. hahahahaha
We get up, potter around, have lunch, a nap, then supper.
Various friends form part of the milieux.
It’s a hard life.
Between Barry’s cooking and various restaurants I have not lost any weight:)

This Friday morning had lots of exercise. Barry had a chap coming over to trim the top off the hedge. I didn’t realise the chap was coming over with a tractor!
My careful trimming of last month was put to shame. With delicacy the tractor took off the top of the hedge, missing two cables with aplomb. Awesome skill.
Left enough debris to fill Barry’s “Tonka toy”.

Next stop was Winchester
Run don’t walk to Diya. Excellent curry. We had a great meal! Here is some of it…..

And right across the street from where the coach was to Londinium.

Am now in the hotel.
Time for a pint.

G’nite All