Planning said we could make Oxford, Bletchley Park and still join Lucy for supper. With that happy thought I went to sleep.

Up on a cloudy Wednesday morning and run through Leicester to Oxford.
Used the Park&Ride as my recollection from many years ago is the Oxford is a walking city and convenient parking is hard to find, or expensive, or both. Was a good choice.

After a check of the Oxford city key points, we popped into a pub. Half a pint of beer and a pint of water. The sun was up, and the heat was on.

The Ashmoliean Museum was huge. Seriously. In every meaning of the word. Huge.
My favourite item was the puzzle jug. Yes, even around 1300AD they had beer games 🙂

Popped down to the Turf Tavern pub, just around the corner from the Bridge of Sighs. Neat place, but too warm.

Went to the Head of the River pub. Much cooler, but possibly the worst pub in the world. One pint, one wine and two glasses of water, were 14GBP……

Even getting the drinks was difficult. After waiting 30mins for service, I still had to go to the bar. And what did I find? Three wait staff talking amongst themselves. 
AVOID this pub at all costs

Still, the sit-down refreshed us. So we upped and walked to/through the Bodleian Library onto the Museum of the History of Science. Seriously. If you have been to Oxford and not visited this museum, you have missed a treat. 
How can you pass by Einstein‘s blackboard? Really!
And the various working ancient Arabic astrolabes! 

By now we were melting in the heat, again. 
Balliol College hove into view, so we stepped inside.
The duty porter was helpful and fun.
The shade and cool interiors were restful. And educational.

Both of us were flagging from the heat. 38degC at times.
Oxford and the heat had used up much of the day.

Bletchley Park was off the schedule.
Time to head out.
Luckily a big automatic I had rented. Came with air-conditioning 🙂

Made it to the overnight stop near Milton Keynes and crashed. Not the car! Just me and the lad.
Meant not seeing Lucy. And her youngest on his birthday 🙁
The pub provided a much needed supper.
The village provided a nice sunset.
We partook of an early night.

Then up early on Thursday morning.
Dropped the car off.
Onto the Tube.
Arrived early at St. Pancras. Sometimes schedules do not need their contingencies.
Lots of time for brunch.
On the train.
Zoom! Zoom! 
Paris for 6:30pm

Richard says:

You should have gone to the Trout Inn just outside of town. About as old as Ye can get. Flagstone floors and your height ceilings … about 5″10″ with beams mind you so don’t bonk ye noggin’ and a stream beside the pub. Lovely place.

biker says:

Next time!
Though I may have been there in my student days 😉