Arrived in London, on the Sunday, just a half hour late. We hopped a cab and unpacked. Barry was waiting for us at the hotel.

We had no time for supper, as we were off to see The Collective @ The Bunker.
More family there. Lynn and Ian were there to support their daughter Rachel, who is part of the choir. Rachel has a nice voice, and performed with aplomb.
Bridget is over from Toronto, and had come along on her 10th day in London. She is over for 6mths until she starts her master’s degree.
We all had an excellent time. The singing was good. And varied. The performance ended with a sing-song, Let’s Go Fly a Kite 🙂
Afterwards, some of us went for nice burgers and drinks.

Monday saw us up and breakfasting. Then Barry and I took Andrew to the British Museum.

Whilst Andrew toured the museum, Barry and I went on to visit the Scottish Shop. No kilt for me 🙁

A cup of tea then on to our varied programmes.
Andrew visited more museums.
Barry and I visited the Blue Anchor then The Dove. Loads of chat and fun at the Dove 🙂 Russian programmer and bikers made it fun 🙂

We met for supper at the hotel, then Andrew and I went to the 12 Days of Canada quiz. TONS of fun. We even got lots of the questions right. Took until closing time. And here is our reward……

Happy 150th anniversary Canada (on July 1st).
We met some nice Canadians 🙂 What else could they be?!?!?! Especially the organizers 🙂 🙂 🙂
One of our team, Robin, who has been over for many a year, gave us a quick tour as we walked from Convent Garden towards Marble Arch. I then flagged down a cab, and Robin chipped in for the fare. A true Canadian 🙂

Tuesday morning saw Andrew and I head to Harrods. Andrew bought socks and I bought a hangover “cure” for us both. No hangover, just fuzzy around the edges. We have been enjoying drinks with family, friends and food. Andrew especially 🙂

A stop at Wellington’s Arch for a touch of history, and a view over London.
Apsley House, unfortunately was closed. Monday’s and Tuesday’s are cleaning days 🙁

Andrew and I strolled onto Buckingham Palace, to take some photos……

We carried onto Trafalgar Square where we hopped a cab to The Globe theatre.
Barry and I were here last year, but this was Andrew’s first time. There all three of us watched a musical, cross-dressing version of Twelfth Night. It was really enjoyable. Shakespere meets British Farce at the Vauxhall Tavern 😉
Also made me appreciate Sunday’s voices of The Collective even more 🙂

A pint after the show then Barry took off to the hotel.
I took Andrew to Milroy’s, to visit the secret bar 🙂

Then I returned to the hotel for a nightcap, whilst Andrew went off to vist a chum.

Wednesday morning saw me down for breakfast. Then we all packed and said our farewells to Barry.

Barry caught the coach home. Andrew and I visited Westminster Abbey.
Queue was short, and the process is well defined. LOTS to see! From the architecture to the people buried there. A tad crowded inside.

Popped over to Fortnum&Mason’s for some gifts.

Then back to the hotel. Pickup our luggage. Off to the airport.
Saw Andrew safely checked-in. Then I went off in search of my coach to Winchester.

Hard to believe, that Andrew’s visit was over.

Richard says:

Good to see you had a great time with Andrew & Barry.
HappyCanada Day!

biker says:

Tks 🙂

Am still recovering 😉