What can I say! C’est Paris! C’est la famille……

As I have stated before, Maura and Yves have a lovely home, and an outstanding roof-top patio 🙂
Lily and Alexi joined us for champagne, supper and grappa. Was outstanding! All just how you read in the books, or see in the movies. Perfect!
ps: Missing is Clem, who had a prior engagement at the opera.
A nightcap enroute to the hotel ended the perfect evening.

On Friday, Lily took Andrew around Paris.
I had a less strenuous time with a blonde…..

Then met up with Maura for lunch….

Afterwards, we strolled through Paris, then I joined the youngsters. A really neat bar, just off rue de Belleville.

The bar closed early, for Paris 🙂
Lily had to go home as she is at work tomorrow.
Andrew and I had a nightcap. Then found a pita for his supper.

Saturday was our last full day in Paris. 

Andrew and I shopped for jeans for me. Sad to say, Carhartt has moved from utility to fashion:(

Then‎ Yves and Maura took us out for lunch in Belleville, near a great view of the city.
I had the excellent cod……

Then we all parted to our separate ways.

I had chores to do. 
Enroute, I bumped into a chap from the east end of London, and another from Philadelphia. Both finding Paris too good to leave.
A quick chat with them both, and onto my laundry. This hot weather is tough on clothes. Especially my heavyweight Carhartt jeans.
Here is me doing laundry…..

Once the laundry was done, I  dressed for supper and went to see Lily at the bakery. Then Andrew called and reminded me that it was close to suppertime. Two taxis and a metro ride had me at the restaurant, though late.
Reprised the lunch, but with more wine:)
We decided to end with creme carmel. Who would have thought they were giant-sized…….

Andrew left to sample the nightlife.
I left for bed.

Sunday morning was tough getting up.
Helped by an ice-cream at this really neat cafe…..

Ignore the green barriers. They are in the process of installing “Boris bikes”. The cafe is like a hunter’s cottage. A posh hunter. I declined the “hair of a dog”.

Instead we took a cab to the EuroStar.
And that is where it all started. Long line-ups! I kid you not! Took nearly an hour later than scheduled to get out of the station.
And thus we left Paris.
Quel dommage 🙁