My name is Lahodynskyj.
It’s been nearly a week since my last blog.
That sounds much like the past three weeks have felt.

Wednesday ended with curry, a stroll to the River Cottage Canteen, where Barry, Toni and I contemplated a perfect English evening, with cider-brandy and tea 🙂

Thursday was a logical Wednesday. After laundry, there was a pint with Chris and Barry at the Phoenix. I stayed on for a couple of pints with Robert.
Uber took me back to Barry’s.

Friday was a quiet day.

Because on Saturday I had the second formal TA dinner. Barry drove me there. And a great time was had by all. We were all 27 years old again 🙂 🙂 🙂

Sunday morning saw me up early, really early. Washed and changed. No breakfast to be had, so headed out.
Was a long walk, but luckily Fritz came along in his Land-Rover. Another early riser. Dropped me off in Emsworth, at a cafe, where I had a nice breakfast.
Barry not contactable. You cannot believe how bad the mobile phone reception is here! So I walked onto Rowlands Castle for a cup of tea. Barry picked me up, and took me home.
Had a go at getting the stains out of my shirt. Seemed to work, so I took a nap.
Toni came over, Barry made supper, and thus endeth the last of my TA events.

Monday was a reminder that I was not 27, as still fuzzy around the edges. Neither is Fritz. He too was fuzzy around the edges 🙂
Barry and I had Chinese for lunch, then he took me back home.
Where I had a nap.
Then prep’d the bike.
A quiet evening, where Barry was still trying to give me more drinks. haha. If only I could.
Made some plans for Christmas. Then bed.

Tuesday saw me ready the bike and ride off. Not far. I had not ridden in 3 weeks. And was still slightly fuzzy around the edges.
Lunch was a simple affair of duck….
A nap.
Then supper…..

Was nice to be riding again! And, three weeks of partying is a long time to be away from the bike.

Shame to be leaving Barry’s in many ways. But the road beckons

To all who know him, I can heartily recommend Chez Barry. He’s a great host, who cooks well, and makes the best coffee!

Thank You Barry!

G’nite All

Richard says:

Goodnight Siggie. And have a great ride.

biker says:

Thank You 🙂