Wednesday morning, up and head to Milton Keynes. Checked out the spot to meet Lucy.
Ride onto Cranfield and book into my room. Turned out to be in a concrete building with wooden cladding. Fire risk?
Room was simple, but well appointed. All that was missing was ventilation. Or more ventilation. Some air-conditioning would be nice. Guess I know why they have rooms to rent. None of the postgrads want to live here. It was warm and sticky.

Then rode off to meet Lucy. She was dropping off a son at parkour lessons.
We all went for a bite to eat, and lots of chat.

I rode back to Cranfield.
TLC for the bike.
Had a really bad Chinese meal. How bad? I left most of it.
Luckily I picked up a decent pita from the van outside

Thursday up and off to Peterborough. The one place that seems to have proper Carhartt jeans. After 15 months of riding (rarely taken off) and one “bad” fall, these jeans need replacing.

Mammoth Workwear were the nearest company that I could find, that had product. Turned out they were super helpful, AND, they had plain leather gloves 🙂
Found a pair of Carhartt jeans in my size 🙂 🙂 🙂 They even discounted them for me 🙂

Rode on to somewhere for Bubble n Squeak. I know. I should know where I am. It was a pub. Did food. Nice barmaids. Next time.

Something was driving me onto Boston for the laundry.
haha. Psychic navigation works. Parked up. Met a young biker called Martin. Told me that tonight is Bike night….

This is just a small amount of the bikes and trikes that showed up. They were down the streets in the distance, and in the park behind the buildings 🙂

Having done the laundry, sorted out my next stop, and taken care of the bike, I went exploring.
The Eagle pub was my favourite. They even took off the sparkler. And had 2GBP a pint scrumpy, as well as chat 🙂

Friday up to a nice bright morning. Lots of rain last night. Good. This will rinse the bike cover, that has been protecting the bike from the birds.
Moved the bike from the market square to a spot in front of the flat I was staying in.
Wrote up the main points so far, for the blog.
Had a nap.
Then breakfast 🙂
Loaded up the bike.

Walked over to Boston’s parish church. Outstanding. I had a coffee and chat about the 365 steps to the top of the tower.

Rode onto the memorial to the original departure point of the Pilgrim Fathers……

Funny plaque. Text states that the group departed from somewhere near here 🙂

Next stop was Skegness. Was a seaside destination whilst growing up, that I cannot remember ever visiting.
Two things will stand out
(1) the grassy dunes between the town and the beach
(2) who says there is no such thing as English cuisine……

Rode on to Mablethorpe, a smaller, nicer (?), version of Skeggie.

Then over the Humber bridge into Hull, and my hotel for the weekend.
Have my Northern Ireland and Germany dates fixed. Need to do some planning.
Nice to know I am now getting bike fit. Able to spend most of the day on the bike 🙂

Will let you know how Hull works out.

June says:

Apparently, Hull FC used to have a fanzine called “Heaven and Hull” !
Have fun x