Monday morning and a misty rain. Hull must have been sad to see me go.

Rode along, and the skies grew darker, so I found a safe place to stop, and put on my waterproofs. Good job. Soon enough the weather became “Yorkshire”: Sunshine and rain; clouds and rain; and even dark clouds and heavy rain. Welcome to Yorkshire!

Luckily I happened upon Harpers Bistro on the A19. Harpers is a small Yorkshire chain. And the haddock and chips…

…were outstanding 🙂 🙂 🙂
As was the chat with the young waitress, originally from Hull 🙂

Back on the bike to find the weather has improved. haha. Back to real Yorkshire enroute to Durham cathedral.
Lynn had urged me to visit. Durham is her alma mater. And she was right. Free to enter. And I found excellent parking by the back door.
For me, the service for St Cuthbert, the relics of the Venerable Bede, and the Clock were the highlights.

It was now 4pm, so had a cuppa, and booked a place to stay.

And just as I was thinking that TomTom had been doing well, it became confused at a roundabout. It was asking me to go to the next one, and then come back. I kid you not. Luckily the lights were red, so I had time to discover the error of TomTom’s ways.

Arrived at the pub.
Rain held off until I unpacked. That was nice.
Had to log into TheCloud, as that is their WiFi, and my phone does not have a connection here. TheCloud does ask a lot of intrusive questions. hmmmm

Started the update for my time in Hull.
Then time for supper……

Salmon was nice.

Back upstairs and to bed.

Awoke early on Tuesday morning.
Finished the Hull blog.
Tai Chi.
This Durham blog.
Breakfast soon. Must go.

Lynn says:

Aaaah, the Durham days. Such fun….and they gave me money to spend and a degree at the end of it! Those were the days. No fees and living costs free. My godaughter’s now there and also loves it.

biker says:

No free money anymore. Unless you take longer than 30yrs to pay it back 🙂

Richard says:

Eee by gumm laddie. That haddock & chips looks sooo good, especially with a real ale.

biker says:

Seriously good. Didn’t need the pint. Though I had a couple afterwards, once parked 🙂