Hell, Hull and Halifax

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Things you never knew, you never knew 🙂
People use the phrase ‘Deliver me from Hull, Hell and Halifax’. Phrase is from a Thieve’s Prayer, penned by John Taylor 🙂
Mind. I knew nothing of this as I rode into Hull. Came to see what the City of Culture had to offer 🙂

Found a good parking spot and booked into the hotel.
Did some research, and decided upon supper (Thai) and a show (farce).

Popped into the Truck Theatre, buying a ticket for a farce. Weddings and misunderstandings. Who would have thunk that those two go together. haha

Went to the Thai House for supper……

Not bad. Tom Kai was very good. Stir-fry a little sweet. The UK does seem to throw a lot of sugar into foods 🙁

NOTE: Thai House is on Princes Avenue, which is quite the “happening” area in Hull. More so then downtown.

Back to the Truck Theatre, for the farce. Bit contrived. But fun 🙂

Back home to finally publish my blog. Had been making notes along the way, these past 3 days. Still a lot of work to make the content publishable.
Went to sleep tired and happy.

Saturday morning up early.
Do some chores.
And started my planning for the next 5 weeks.

After a while, it was time for brunch. Short stroll found a pie and mushy peas 🙂

The stroll continued to the Minerva pub, home to the smallest bar…..

Then back via the Fruit Market and the same pie shop, picking up a scotch egg, and chicken&ham pie.
Ate the scotch egg, still warm 🙂

Then took a nap.

Out to pickup salads to go with the pie, and then onto the Museum Quarter. Sadly, they close at 5pm, so back for supper.

Then finish the planning.
This riding around is not all fun. There is work in finding out where to ride. After several hours, the first draft was done, and time for bed.
Happily drifted off, with visions of ferries and unexplored lands 🙂

Sunday morning up early, to find that last night’s virus scan on the laptop had ended clean. So one final adjustment to the itinerary, and send out to friends for confirmation that OK to turn up 🙂

Out for a stroll, and to the tourist information booth in the nearby railway station. Turns out the volunteers know less than I do! And it’s not the first time that I, as a tourist, find gaping holes in the knowledge of the “locals”. And yes, I have been guilty of being said local. Luckily visitors, and lots of travel has helped me out.
So let’start a drive.
“Be a tourist in your own neighbourhood”.
Pick a date – August 7th
You heard it here first. On August 7th, everyone goes out and plays the tourist in their own neighborhood 🙂 🙂 🙂
Nothing to loose. And it will be fun!

The volunteers at the railway station, were the ones who introduced me to the phrase ‘Deliver me from Hell, Hull and Halifax’. But none of them knew where it was from. And they thought Hull and Halifax were being di’ssed.
Did some research and found the origins (see above). Quite funny really.

Walked over to the Museum Quarter. Wilberforce first, then the Streetlife. Best part was the Isetta bubble-car. Big smile 🙂 First car I drove.
And a case for back-to-the-future !

Contined the walk back home via the Blackboy, Lion and Key, and Blue Bell.
Followed by a reasonable curry…..

And bed.

Monday morning up early.
TLC for the bike.
Pack and bid farewell to Hull.
Been a nice place. Planning done. And I am back on the TaiChi trail.