First time I remember giving the bike TLC in the rain. Welcome to Yorkshire! Yup, the rain was still falling Tuesday morning. Despite the BBC weather forecast of just clouds.

Rode onto my next stop, Newcastle. Where the rain stopped 🙂
Parked the bike and walked off to catch up on some chores.
Then seeing as I was downtown, walked to the cathedral, which was lovely. A small building, with a good craic from a Cork priest. Which finished off an outstanding 5-bean lunch……

Walked down to the Castle, where after some STRENUOUS aerobic activity, I was able to take this photo…..

One surprise in the castle.
“Coals to Newcastle” has been a longtime phrase. Who would have thought they would be selling coal again……
But this is a lot more expensive and made of sugar 🙂

Once out of the castle, there were a further 70 steps down to the river. How do I know? Was following a mother counting the steps for her son.
There is a whole bar/hotel scene along the quayside.

A 30min uphill, walk took me back to the motel.
If I stay here much longer, I will be at risk of getting fit!

Gave the bike some TLC, but in the sun 🙂
Planned my next stop, and whilst getting ready to go out to the theatre, had a call from my next stop. No room at this inn! Double-booked. Though with the call, I suspect I should not have mentioned I needed parking for my motorcycle.
Skipped the theatre and found a place a tad closer to Edinburgh. My weekend stop.

That done I popped out for a pint and a kebab. Did not realise how good a kebab till I’d walked back home through the park. Highly recommend the place. Corner of Elswick Road and Mill Lane. North side of Elswick Park 🙂

An early night.
Long day tomorrow.

Wednesday morning was bright and sunny 🙂

Time for TaiChi, pack, and Lindisfarne 🙂
See you soon!