Lindisfarne, Berwick and Scotland

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Headed out on a sunny day and 17degC. Perfect.

Ran up to Lindisfarne. Was nice to give the bike a proper run. And in the sunshine 🙂

Lindisfarne was underwhelming.
The most famous manuscript is in London. St Cuthbert‘s relics are in Newcastle. But they still have mead 🙂
So the good news: on a motorcycle you can ride across the causeway (at low tide), find the priory, and park.
The bad news: the castle is closed for repairs till 2018. This is all that is left of the priory……

I skipped the viewing platform, and rode out.
NOTE: Thanks to Robert for reminding me to check the tide tables. Do the same, to ensure you can visit.

Berwick showed up much quicker than expected. Looks like they have big box stores on the outskirts 🙁 But the place still looks lively.
I was heading to the castle, but was waylaid by the Loovre…..

Do stop and have a chat with Dave (in the doorway). Nice guy. Fund of knowledge. And makes a nice coffee 🙂
The craic was so good, including a young couple just back from Korea and heading to China, that it was hard to leave. I could still be there 🙂

Rode into Berwick proper, via the blind hilly roundabout, through the market and to the Queen’s Head Hotel. Kitchen was closed 🙁 Still it did give me a good parking spot. Berwick is hilly.

Back at my bike, I regarded the wall. Everyone recommends taking the hour and walking around the walls. I just went up above the nearby gate and took this photo……

Then I walked back up the hill to Foxtons, another of Dave’s recommendations. Had an excellent soup and a nice quiche. Pity about the coleslaw (drowned in mayo), and the salad……

Met a proper biker and ex-marine there. Riding a BMW 1200GS. Taking his 13yr old son around his old haunts. Suspect the lad has no idea what his Dad is/was 🙂

Rode onto the First And Last. Just across the border in Scotland.
Much closer then when I looked on the map last night, when making the booking.
Unpacked just my go-bag.
Had a pint. Nice pint. Best-barmaid Caroline took the sparkler off.
Met Ibstock-Pete (practically a neighbbour of Barrow), AV-wizard-Andy and Construction-Manager-Greg 🙂
Chef-Justin made an excellent supper. Seriously good food 🙂

I went back to my room. but it was still early.
Ibstock-Pete had urged me to ride down to Burnmouth. It was less then a kilometre away, so I took a stroll. How hard could it be? hahaha. Think it was a kilometre down! Took this photo……

Back to my room, or rather the pub. I had left my keys in the room. Got the master-key and went back for a nightcap.

Early to bed.
Edinburgh on Thursday 🙂