First stop was St Abbs, a dry town. Or so Ibstock-Pete told me. Gotta see that in Scotland!
Turns out not true. The terms of the covenant were that whilst there was a school and a church, no alcohol. Both are gone. So guess what? Yup! Alcohol for sale. No longer dry!
Met a German from west of Frankfurt. Nice chat.
I then took this photo…..

and rode off.

Followed the coast. Outstanding scenery. This does not do the view justice……

I then pressed onto  Edinburgh.
Had a bit of trouble finding the spot I was looking for, so parked the bike on the sidewalk and wandered around on Princes Street.
Found the place. 

Had even more trouble finding my accommodation. Turns out the map they provide to is WRONG!
Got there in the end.
Booked in early 🙂
Primo parking sport for the bike.
Ran off to do my errands.

Came back via these‎ pubs:
 – Sir Alexander Graham Bell – Weatherspoons 2.36BP for a proper pint
 – Dirty Dicks – 4.50GBP for a pint. This time I remembered to ask for the sparkler to be removed 🙂 More candles than in a convent. Looks nice. Surprised health and safety is not in a snit. And expensive. Never mind the beer. Was 4.95GBP for a cup of chilli con carne. Supposed to have Haggis in it.

That was enough.

Saw my first altercation on my way home. Looked like a bouncer had a problem with someone. Was holding him till the police arrived. Which they did PDQ. 
Not really what I expected from Edinburgh. Glasgow, yes. But here?

Helped a lady who was lost, looking for her hotel.

Got back to mine.
Checked out the laundrette. Process so complex even the staff do no use it. They told me about another one. Just down the road.

Would have gone, but big rain. Glad I was in doors and the bike all covered up 🙂

Went to bed.
Have caught a chill. Have a runny nose. That or I am allergic to Scotland! hahaha

June says:

Aha, the dark side of Edinburgh.
You need to read the Rebus books by Ian Rankin. Or see the TV series.
(Though we are currently rewatching Taggart, that’s Glasgow. I prefer Rebus.)