Up to a Scottish-mist of a morning.
TaiChi in the lounge. Nice view over Edinburgh. Lots of room.
Prep’d and off to do more chores. Getting through them. 

Along the way, I made time for brunch…..

Then back doing more chores. 

Still a light drizzle.
Did not dampen the spirits of the Edinburgh zoo volunteers. They were out there touting for business with their double-decker bus, with a movie screen covering one whole side 🙂 What a toy!

Did some shopping (need a new balaclava) but no joy.

Then down to the Tourist Information. Edinburugh’s Jazz&Blues Festival is on. And a show tonight that sounds good 🙂

Stopped by the Farmer’s Market to pickup some veg, fruit, pies and sausage.
Had a coffee, but again, not up to Barry’s standard.

Home and sit down to book my northern trip. Had been tweaking bits and pieces, and now it was time to actually book the ferries and accommodation.
Took a while.
Ferries and hotels not always available for my preferred schedule.
But job done. Will see Stephen in Belfast on the 27th.

Meantime, I’d demolished the pheasant&bacon pie, plus a mutton pie, with the new potato, from the earlier farmer’s market.
Followed up with excellent raspberries. Washed down with green tea and honey.

Too late to head out and catch any music.

So, to bed.
Listening to ‘A Million Years in a Day’. A way of showing how long we have been doing the same stuff. Eg: denistry was around 9,000yrs ago in what is now Pakistan.

Thus endeth my Edinburgh Saturday.

Richard says:

With a quick stop off at Arran to pick up a lovely jumper?

biker says:

Don’t think so. Not planning to go to Galway. That is the Aran famous for the woolly jumpers.
Found that out last July, after you convinced me to visit Islay 🙂 🙂 🙂
Did the Scottish Arran as it was on the way. Surprised there were no jumpers. Then found out that I was on the wrong island. Ooooops.