Up late.
Was hard work yesterday, sorting out the ferries and accommodation. And I still have to chase up my Harris & Lewis tickets.
Updated my trip spreadsheet, in order to double-check that all is OK. It was 🙂

Brunch was nice.
Blue unpasturised sheep cheese 🙂 With crackers and apple.
Lots of tea.

Then out for a stroll. 
Needed to do some shopping. 
Got that done, so sat down by the park. Jazz&Blues underway.
Was planning to go there tonight, but the aftermath of my cold is general tiredness. Need more sleep.

Walked through the park and up to the Royal Mile. Then on home. 

Found L’Etoile Salon de Tea enroute……

Nice French tea shop 🙂 A star in my book.
Picked up a baguette on exit.

Picked up a few more items enroute home.
Then sat down with the baguette and the rest of the cheese.

That gave me the energy to check over the bike, and lube the chain. Riding tomorrow.

Had another look at the in-house laundry, and decided that it is too complex. hahaha

Made supper. Venison&Mushroom sausage with red chard from yesterday’s market. Yummy. Though the sausages were very salty.
Watched ‘The Lone Ranger‘ over supper. Not sure why this movie was given a hard time by the critics. Part spoof, part action, part moral story. Was easy watching.

One beer to end the night. A Black Isle Organic Blonde. May be able to swing by them when I go to Inverness 🙂

Need to be up early on Monday.

G’nite All

ps: have friends with serious health issues. Just had an update about one of them. If you are putting off what you really want to do, DON’T !!! None of us really know how long we have. And what health issues await, so DO IT NOW !!! Whatever ‘IT’ is 🙂

Robert says:

You could have asked me for help with your in-house laundry if it was too complex for you. LoL. 🙂 ……………………….I would have asked Eilene. HaHa!

biker says:

Luckily this wasn’t said in the pub! There would have been beer everywhere!

June says:

“Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think . . .” etc. Good song, great lyrics, and a lesson for us all.
Take care xx

June says:

And thanks for the reminder!
(Of our mortality.)

Stephen says:

Lucifer – I think you are becoming a wise sage oh great one

biker says: