Black Watch, Balmoral and the Shetlands

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Tuesday morning and up really early.
Tai Chi.
Prep’d for laundry.
Then down for breakfast. Full Scottish sans beans. Quite like the black pudding. More like a Ukrainian kishka than an English black pudding 🙂

Laundry done.
Checked out at 11am.

Rode onto Halfords. Needed a new net for holding items onto the rear seat. This one is primo 🙂
Also picked up a balaclava, and a couple of breathalysers. The latter required by the French.

Next I popped into the Black Watch museum. Had too. Am already here in Perth. Can spare an hour for the oldest Scottish regiment.
Neat museum.
Had a chat with one of the volunteers. The Black Watch have been amalgamated too. All part of the Army reorg. Or downsizing.

Rode onto Balmoral.
Quite the scenic route. Took me past Glenshee, my fist skiing in Scotland.
At Balmoral castle’s main gate, had a chat with one of the helpers who rides a Ducati. Seemed such a sensible chap. Hard to imagine him being “pulled to the horizon by a very strong elastic”. His description of riding a Ducati! And I agree!
Had my much needed cup of tea.
Took this selfie….

Then had to leave. Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Had to be on the dock, in an hour.
Nearly made it 🙂
Despite the sneaky roads. Sneaky? Yes! Roller coaster (small)road, with lots of hidden bends.
Ran as fast as I could, safely. Lots of people rubber-necking, or plain slow. Overtaking really only possible on a motorcycle. Or if you are Portuguese!

Got to the boat, AOK. Straight on.
Found my “pod”. More of a big recliner, than a pod.

Met Tom, a Shetland biker who is doing a big trip in September to Italy with a group.

Had supper. Was OK, but not a patch on last night’s. Not the price either.

And now am watching the coast go by with an espresso.

May go and lay down.
Wednesday morning I will be in Lerwick, Shetland 🙂