Sullom Voe on Shetland

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Sleep had been good after last night’s supper 🙂 
Then up around midnight, so had a coffee and some fruit. 
Back and dozed listening to Agatha Christie stories.

Awoke to a grey Wednesday morning, as we were mooring. 
Had a light breakfast.
Just as well. They announced my name as I was finishing. Apparently you can only stay on till 9:30am if you are a foot passenger. Oooops. 

Picked up my gear and zoomed to the bike. I was the last off the boat. As I said. Ooooops.

Rode onto Lerwick‘s nearest petrol station where I filled up, and gave the bike some TLC. 

Was some 45km to Sullom Voe. Outstanding scenery. Sort of Brecon Beacons but larger and with more water.
The wind was very blustery, all the way to the North Sea oil&gas terminal.
As a callow engineer, I designed 3 distillation towers at Sullom Voe. They may be those behind the fence, in the distance, behind the bike…..

Why “may be”? Security came over to say I should not be lurking. We had a nice chat. I learned that at one time there were six towers, and three were demolished. 
Moral of the story? Always do things sooner than later.

The ride back was a bit slower. 
Firstly, to ensure I took in the scenery fully.
Secondly, so as not to miss the ad hoc motorcycle museum.
Well one out of two isn’t bad! hahaha
Followed security’s directions, but ended up at a hardware store. No bike museum. Oooops! 
Still the phone worked here, so I looked up where the bikes should be. They appear to be managed by the local motorcycle club. But very vague as to when/if the bikes could be viewed. Called a few numbers. Only one had voice-mail. Left a message and rode on.

Popped into Lerwick’s museum. Nice potted history, in a well organized set of display areas.
Even nicer chowder…..

Then out for a stroll around town.

First surprise was this relic from a pre-wedding night?……

This really is a first 🙂

Then onto the fort.

Town hall was undergoing renovations.

The high street had nice chocolates.

Back to the museum for a final cuppa, whilst enjoying the view……

An easy ride onto the ferry. With plenty of time.

Met merchant-navy-Jim who lived in Toronto back in the 60’s 🙂
We suppered together, then had our respective naps. Jim to his room. Me in the chair. Oh the joys of being able to sleep anywhere 🙂

My alarm awoke me at 9:30pm. 
We docked at 10:30pm.
Moved down to the vehicle deck, without a reminder 😉
Rode over to the hotel. Only 5km. 
Booked in.
Unpacked and covered up the bike. 
Showered. Well, it has been a while. 
Updated this blog, whilst watching Miss Marple.  

A nice end to the day. 

G’nite All

Richard says:

Sheep. You never mentioned anything about sheep. Where are they? No pictures of sheep? You have to take a picture of sheep to say you were in the shetlands. At least a pic of a shetland pony or dog?

biker says:

Saw some sheep and a few ponies. Looked regular sized to me.
No Sheltie anywhere.