Up to a dry and sunny Friday morning.
TLC for the bike.
Marek helped with air for the bike. I was having problems attaching my pump to the rear tire. Marek provided his compressor, and moved his car over 🙂

Rode towards Loch Ness.
A brief stop for a cuppa. Included an outstanding chat with London-Pete 🙂

The ride was a recompense for yesterday. Sunny. Warm. Brilliant vistas.

Another hour and a half later, I was at Urquhart castle. LOTS of people……

Looked in vain for Nessie 🙂
Then rode of to Inverness.

Quickly arrived at Inverness university, where I was sleeping. haha. Found my accommodation after a long while searching. First campus I had ever seen with maps, but no names on either the maps nor the buildings! Took help from security to find the building.
Did some shopping.
Filled the bike with petrol, and parked.
Had a salad for supper, and fell asleep. Yesterday’s ride on top of recovering from the cold had taken it’s toll.

Richard says:

Take care of your health so you can enjoy the ride.

biker says:

Will have a proper rest when I meet up with Stephen&Sarah in Ireland 😉