Up in the wee hours of Saturday morning. That’s what happens if you go to sleep before it is dark.

Updated the blog for the past two days, then went back to sleep.

Awoke near 9am. Still feeling tired.
Pottered around.
Then had a nap. Yea Gods. I’m beginning to feel all of my 27 years. haha

Up and off to catch a bus into town. Too far to walk. 

Got into Inverness and stopped by the cathedral. Had a cup of tea. And a couple of Tunnocks Tea-cakes. Well, you can’t have just one 🙂

A stroll through the town was nice. Easpecially as the river runs through it. Took this photo of the castle…..

Am all military museum’d out. And the castle is a “modern” building. So did not go in.

Walked through most of the town, so time for a proper tea……

More walkabout.
Then on the bus to go home.

A chat with a Kiwi and two Scots from Edinburgh.
Then sit down and watch the rest of MIB3.
Supper of two award winning ‘football pies’ and salad.

An early night.