Up early on a wet Sunday morning.
Update the blog.
Have a nap

Back up and potter around wrapping up some chores.
TLC for the bike, included tightening the chain. Not a lot. Just now and again you can hear the chain slap. Managed to finish before the rain started, again.

Packed and left early. The booking was for tonight as well. And I could not change the booking. But it meant I had as long as I wanted to get ready 🙂

Rode towards Ullapool, on a scenic route, that became more scenic the closer I rode to Ullapool. And drier. And sunnier:)
This route is a well known scenic route amongst bikers, and now I know why. Plus Michelin has this in green on the map 🙂

Booked in.
Covered the bike, so the cover could dry out.
Went in search of food.

Tried two places, but no hot food till the evening. Guess the ferry does not generate much traffic?

Found a chippy doing loads of business. Nice fish&chips. 
And a chat with a retired couple from the Shetlands. They were camping in Ullapool. 
Plus 3 bikers from Nairn, who were out for a Sunday ride. ‎

Back to the bike. Packed the bike cover. 
Belgium couple arrived on a tandem. First one of it’s type that I’d ever seen. Lady sits in a reclined position at the front of the bike. Different! They’d come in from Inverness too. 5hrs for them. 1.5hrs for me.

On the boat.
A nap.
To the onboard cafe for a cup of Joe, with an education as to purchasing 🙂
And we were pulling into sunny Lewis!

An easy ride took me to my B&B.
Took a stroll. Nice views of the harbour bay.‎
Had a few chats across the UK.
Early to bed, as darkness fell. No stars as cloudy 🙁