Up Tuesday morning feeling stiff and no desire for TaiChi. 

Down for breakfast. OK. Not up to London standards, where Barry and I have been spoiled 🙂 But a nice view…….

TLC for the bike.
Packed and rode off.
If yesterday’s ride was scenic, this was SUPER scenic.

First hit was Eilean Donan castle. Wow.

Next came the mountains and lakes. Bigger and more spectacular than yesterday. Wowzer!
And it went on for an hour. Or more 🙂 🙂 🙂

Along the way was the  Commando Memorial
Quite the nice spot.
Though the terrain looked as if the recruits could have had a hard time.

Arrived in Fort William.
Found a pub with a nice lentil soup, and scotch egg.

And then the museum. Which had a lot on the commandos and Jacobites. Really interesting.
Took a stroll, in search of a replacement bag. One way of seeing a city :)‎
Met a Swiss couple. He also rides an F700GS 🙂

Had quite the stroll.
And chats with Robert (golfing with Eilene) and Barry (enjoying a pint in Devon).

Then onto the hotel in Onich.

Nice hotel.
Brilliant garden on Loch Linne…..

Took the photo just after this supper…..

And supper was nice……

Salmon on a pearl barley rissotto.
NOTE: was able to remove the cheese

And now it is time to get back and finish the paperwork.

G’nite All    


Matej says:

When you don’t feel like Tai Chi is when you probably need it the most!

biker says:

That’s how it felt on the ride!