Lewis, Harris and Skye

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Up early Monday morning
TaiChi, so I must be getting better 🙂

Down to a full house and a full breakfast. People from the UK, Sweden, Holland and Australia. Good chat 🙂

Checked the bike.

Rode off to the Callanish Standing Stones.….

Quite the vista……

Riding off, I noticed a warning sign on my instrument displays. Nothing felt or sounded off. So rode till I found a safe place to stop and checked the handbook. 
Was a “general warning”. What is that?
Switched the bike off-and-on, several times, when a proper message appeared. Main bulb had died. Checked. Yup, one dead bulb. Quickly replaced the bulb. Rode on.

Had to admit the scenery is stunning. Mountains in the distance. The Atlantic in the west. Hills, lakes and estuaries everywhere else.

Next stop was this beach in Luskentyre…….

Stopped off at a Harris Tweed shop. Had a coffee and some apple-pie-fudge, but no tweed.

Then into Tarbert.

Posted some mail.
Had a couple of fish-cakes and tea.
Met a couple from Scotland-NewZealand. Long story. Riders too.

We boarded first 🙂
Isle of Skye, here we come.

Rode off the boat and ran through Skye.
To say it was very pretty is an understatement. Misty mountains, lochs and twisties. And it was sunny!

Arrived at the hotel and unpacked. 
TLC for the bike.
Missed supper, but that’s OK. Have munchies and can make tea 🙂 
Meant I got to my paperwork sooner. Took till 1am, and still not finished. Yikes! Must have been the interruption. Someone objecting to my book at bedtime!

And so ended the day 🙂