Up  late to a grey, rainy Wednesday morning.

Rushed and got to breakfast just in time.
Nice breakfast 🙂

Then pack and ride off in the downpour.
Rode through Glen Coe. Supposed to be scenic. Hard to tell with the rain and mist.

Rode around Loch Lomond. Though again hard to tell.
And yes, I was singing that song as I rode 🙂

Stopped for fuel after a couple of hours.
Gave the bike some TLC. The chain especially needed some oil. And there was a washpoint where I could spray, rather than using my toothbrush. Especially useful when trying out some new chain-lube.
Luckily the weather co-operated. Was dry for the time it took. ‎

Had a cup of tea and a sandwich, whilst waiting for the lube to dry, and my clothing.

Once outside, a light drizzle started. 
After a while, turned heavy again. 
But by the time I was over the Clyde, the weather had warmed up, and the rain was letting up. So much that I could see the Ailsa Craig

Ran on into Stranraer
Nice little town.        
The sun was out and it was dry 🙂
Cute little museum. ‎
Wandered around till I found a place for supper. Liver and onions. 
Then rode out to my B&B. 

Put my stuff out to dry. 
TLC for the bike. 

Then walk next door for a quiet beer or two. 
Was raining upon my return.

Changed into dry clothing.
Cup of tea whilst updating this blog. Two actually. 
Time for bed. 

G’nite All‎

Stephen says:

Oh Lucifer – you are putting yourself through so much hassle with rain, fog, and drizzle. Hopefully Ulster will give you a sunny welcome.