Up late on Sunday, thankful for Stephen and I not having too many last night.

Checked the tires, and packed the bike.

Tea, toast and farewells.

Headed out on a grey day. With patchy rain.

Ran all the way to Bushmills.
One of my faves 🙂

where I had lunch……

Next stop was just up the road at the Giant’s Causeway….

The weather was still damp to very wet, so I gave the bike some TLC and rode the bus. Saves the 30min walk there and 45mins back.
Back at the entrance, had a coffee.

And found a place to stay the night in Londonderry.
An hour and a half later, and quite damp, I was at my B&B.
Dee let me in and showed me to my room. I unpacked. Covered up the bike.
Found a place in Galway, my next stop.
Then went out for a stroll.

First stop was St Eugene’s cathedral. Then the walls.

Back to the chinese recommended by Dee. And the pub whilst waiting for my order. The pub was out of beer. I kid you not. Lots of lager, but no beer. Good recovery. Can of Guiness.

Picked up the food and back to my room.

Showered and off to bed.
Asleep as my head hit the pillow.

Monday morning up to TaiChi and a full breakfast.

Long ride today.
And guess what? Sun is shining, but it’s still raining. Welcome to the Emerald Isle 🙂

June says:

Galway : Aillwee Caves are well worth a visit. “The Very Dark Caves” of a Father Ted episode!
We took a holiday cottage in Kinvara, ’87, 30 yrs ago.

biker says:

and here’s the link

June says:

That is not how I wrote my comment.
(By omitting the brackets, the sense is changed.)
No link intended. Grrrr.