Out and on the road. Lots of rain.
Rained all the way to Sligo. A lot of the time, the rain is best described as a downpour.

In Sligo I followed a BMW 1200, but he was a tourist too 🙂 Took “my” parking spot, so I went round again and parked on the road. 
TLC for the bike, whilst the sun shone. Only a little rain.

Wandered around then found lunch……
of broccoli&bacon soup, followed by pecan tart

Rode off and then realised how late it was.
Aside from the craic over lunch, had stopped into a key-cutter shop (gentleman who has taken public buses ALL over the world), and met Frank (new BMW 1200GS rider). Does eat up time 🙂
Gave my new ETA to my Galway B&B and filled up the bike. Rode on.

Glad to say the sun was out, without the rain 🙂

Ran into my B&B.
Proper parking spot on concrete 🙂
Caught the bus to the Galway races.‎

Most people were dressed! Ladies wearing hats! Groups everywhere, all having a good time.
Took a while to find the beer tent. 5 Euros for a brain-freeze. 
Racing? There was lots. People all excited over the last furlong or so. Horses not really thundering along, though they were galloping.
Would I go again?  No! But it’s like Vegas. You have to go once. And unlike Vegas, you have to dress 🙂

Back on the bus. Yup. Your’s truly took the bus. Let us not be daft. Ride a motorcycle and drink? No way Jose! 
The bus ran to and from Galway’s main square. Convenient.
Mini pub crawl.
Another pub without Guinness…..

Found a place with a fun bunch……‎

And this was my favourite. A pub without TV, or music. Just chat….. and beer 🙂

Walked home.

Nice place Galway. Lively 😉