Up early on Tuesday morning.
Ran a few chores. 
Then a proper breakfast.
A few more chores.

Out on a sunny day.
Walked up to the university, then the cathedral.
On a bit, then the-hair-of-the-dog at The Hole in the Wall 😉

Walked around a bit more. Found myself at the central square, so did my shoe-shopping. Had spotted some likely boots, last night. But sad to say, not up to snuff (for me on the bike).

More walkabout, then in for a traditional Irish terayaki mackerel don……

Walked on a bit more till I found the Spanish Arch

And then the museum.
In the museum , I learned the meaning of the term ‘Galway hooker‘. Not what I was expecting. Neither from my rugby nor North American paradymes 🙂

A coffee and a somewhat larger pavlova than expected…..

On exit, there was this waterfront view to admire…..

Then back to my B&B where I gave the bike a check-over, and some TLC.

Found that the Dublin ferry to Isle of Man runs only on Tuesday. Oooops. As it works out, I will get to hear Eilene sing in Chester cathedral 🙂 Mind, getting a ferry ticket is not as easy as it sounds. The IT idiot-savants have two different systems: one for a laptop; one for a phone. How do I know? Different information and options, show up on the two devices. The system is incredibly slow, for no reason. And the laptop version would crash as I went to pay for the ticket! Confusing? You bet. After an hour, I went for supper.

Restaurant Kai was full, They directed me to The Universal, where I had nice black&white pudding on top of a kale&taties fry…….

And some good craic 🙂

Back and finally got my ferry ticket.

And went to sleep.