Wednesday was grey and damp. Improved to full-on rain when I moved the bike from the back of the B&B. Luckily when it came time to ride out, rain had stopped. Or maybe I wasn’t noticing a light drizzle any more. Am becoming Irish? Only the tourists seem to bother with wet-weather gear. 

Rode through a chunk of Galway that I had not seen, then headed out.

Traffic was busy at first. Must be the races.
Route quickly became a dual carriageway, and fast. Ran on to the Cliffs of Moher. Via the coastal route. Bumpiest road ever! And every now and again, there were tourists littering the road. Nice view of the Atlantic.
Arrived at the traffic jam called the Visitor’s Centre. Took a look at the crowded parking lot, the LONG walk to the cliffs, and rode on. Looked for a back route. This is as close as I could find…….

Rode on to a cute little town called Einnistimon, where I had a coffee, whilst enjoying this view…….

The weather had become warm (22degC) and almost sunny. Took the liner out of my jacket and rode onto Limerick……

Sent the above photo to the good folks at Jesse Luggage,  with the verse below…..
There was a young biker from Toronto
Who rode in the rain, and in snow
With Jesse Luggage he could pack
So nothing he would lack
When riding from Lviv to Oporto
Well they liked it 🙂

Rode on to Killarney and the pub I was staying in. Took some finding. Luckily I have learnt my lesson and check BEFORE riding. Took a while to setup the TomTom. It really does seem to want postcodes. There are none, outside of Dublin. Much as Britain used to be. 

Arrived in the heart of Killarney. In the rain. Pity. I was just getting to remember what sunshine is 😉

Had a pint and chat with James, who spent 4yrs near Kingsland!!! Small world indeed.

Went to Genting Thai, on barman-Terry’s recommendation.
Ribs a bit dry
Garlic chicken, excellent……

Back. Updated my blog. And to sleep.