Up on a grey Thursday morning to give the bike some TLC.

Breakfast across the street. Egg banjo and a tea. Enough with the full breakfasts!

Packed and off to Castle Ross. Bit of a bust, as you have to be on a tour and the next 4 were full. 
Still I met Marek 🙂 Biker from Slovenia.
We had a coffee and then rode off:‎ Marek to Galway; me to Muckross House.

Muckross house was interesting. The guide was FULL of energy.‎ The description of how life was “upstairs”, made me wish I’d grown up with servants 😉 All those people to fetch and carry 🙂

Rode off on the Ring of Kerry. Had already ridden the beginning through the national park. Continued on past the Ladies View, until the left onto the Healy Pass. Good choice. There were low clouds and often rain, so the peak views were iffy. Much less traffic, ie:tour buses, when away from the Ring of Kerry. The south side of the pass, especially, should have been on Top Gear’s best driving roads!

Back on the coastal road, I stopped off for a cuppa, and an apple pie. The rain started, I continued to sit outside, and soon enough it stopped. Leastways I think it did. Not sure I notice any more!

The cuppa enabled me to sit down and find a place for the night.
It was after 5pm. I’d been travelling for 7hrs. The B&B was an hour away. But I felt more rested than I had at the start of the day 🙂 Zoom! Zoom! On to Skibbereen!

Lots of outstanding vistas over the harbours and louchs. Could hear Ola exclaiming “Vid” all the time, as I rode 🙂

Came into Skibbereen and turned into a leafy lane that put Cheddar Gorge to shame!
Found out later that it was a cut for the long-gone railway.

B&B a nice place with a ground floor room.
Unpacked and covered the bike.

Sat down and booked the remaining places for the rest of my stay in Ireland.
Could not get into Wrexford, so am going to Kilkenny. Even though the brewery closed in 2013 🙁
Will see the beer in Dublin. 
Note: the top two importers of Kilkenny are Oz and Canada 🙂

Went out for supper. 
Cathy (landlady) had recommended Church, but they (a) ignored newcommers (b) had the wrong vibe
Went instead to Dillon’s Corner where I had outstanding fish soup……

and got to rub garlic onto croutons. Not done since I was a kid 🙂
Followed by a decadent mousse dessert…..

Life is all about the food!

G’nite All