Up late to a sunny Saturday morning.
TaiChi. The room had lots of space. 
Cup of tea.
Gave the bike some TLC.

Rode out to Tramore, a seaside town.
Two reasons
(1) been told it is pretty
(2) the Tesco has petrol
Filled up.
Sat for a long time at the lights. Must be one of those stupid “smart lights”. All other roads had the green light at least 3 times! I was front of the line and patient. Two cars went on red. A third car started to go around me, when our light turned green.
Rode on down to the beach area. HUGE sandy area. Looked nice.

Rode back over the Waterford suspension bridge.
And straight to Kilkenny.

Found a good temporary parking spot, whilst I went in and enquired about proper hotel parking.
Did the walk-back to ensure I understood the route. Rode back and parked at the hotel. Nearly under some lady-leadfoot in the parking lot!
Had a cuppa and cheese sandwich, and walked to Kilkenny Castle.

Nice self-guided tour. Nice place.

Walked off to find a laundrette. The first one I walked to was closing. Lady said laundry will be ready by Tuesday. Tuesday! I will be in Chester!
Also told me that there no laundrettes, just laundry services. 
NOTE: Much later this turned out not to be true. Another person who should play tourist in her own place!

Back to the hotel and unpack.
Cover up the bike.
All whilst watching Top Gear, the St Petersburg episode.

Then out to see about supper.

Missed the Irish stew place so ended up at the cathedral.
Nice place.
I didn’t climb up the nearby tower. Despite the promise of a view.

Took the first curry house for supper…..

Not bad.

Walked across the river, on what was now a gorgeous Saturday evening.
Found the above mentioned laundrette which was closing in 5mins.

Went to Bridie’s General Store.
Bigger than it looks. And it looks awesome.
A Black Bush to settle supper.
Receive compliments on my hairstyle 🙂

Wandered through the rest of Kilkenny. It’s a beautiful sunny evening. See the photo of the castle…..‎

Back for tea and TV. 

Sleep soon.  

G’nite All‎