Newgrange and Dublin

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Up to a drizzly grey Sunday morning. Should be hiding under the bed-covers with tea and toast till the rain goes away. However that could be a while here 🙂

Listened to Boris Johnson on Dr Johnson. Entertaining 🙂
Then up to TaiChi.
And down to a full breakfast. Need to stoke up for today’s riding.

Out on the road it was all motorway. Zoom. Zoom. 
As Dublin approached, the traffic increased. Looks like there is a game on.

Headed towards Belfast and bailed before the toll booths. TomTom was reset to avoid motorways, and then I ignored TomTom. Followed the signs. It was quicker. 

Once in the Newgrange Visitor Centre carpark, it was safer to stop on the walkway. Parking is on gravel pads. Dodgy in all sorts of ways for a motorcycle.
Walking up I stopped for this photo. You can see Newgrange on the horizon as a small white wall and sod roof……

Having this photo I was thinking, “job done”. Which was just as well. There was a 3hr wait for the next available tour.
Had a cuppa and rode off.

Needed to fill up. This ethanol laced fuel disappears at highway speeds. Back down to 150km per half tank. And I was already at 220km.

But, I was led astray by the Battle of the Boyne.
Stop the press! Canadian connection!‎ 
Oldbridge house was sold by the Coddington family in 1984, when they moved to Toronto! Funny we never met 😉
The tour allowed me to miss a major downpour. haha

Rode via non-motorway roads in a light drizzle.
Filled up. Another station built on a slope, but best to fill up.

Arrived safely at DCU.
Lovely staff took care of me.

Yikes! Laundry is via card company who wants details of your first-born.
Found a likely candidate and walked on. Through a storm. With your head up high! And…… a storm of hurling supporters. Galway vs Tipperary semi-final. Helped a chap find his coach home. And found the laundrette shut. This is a long weekend in Dublin. 

Still, had a few other objectives.
L. Mulligan Grocer, a pub with REAL BEER!!! A first on the Emerald Ilse!!! TYL 🙂

Then walked along a bit…….

to The Porterhouse as that is where I am to meet Stephen and Sarah on Monday evening 🙂
Really good craic, but I think the barman lies about the sparkler.

Got some cash.

And found The Underground. One real ale. So I had two 🙂
NOTE: they advertise as craft beer, but most is fizzy

Picked up some sausage and chips on my way home. Really good chips 🙂

And thus endeth my Dublin experience. First real beer in Ireland, and excellent spuds 🙂