Saturday noon-ish, off the ferry and rand for the border 🙂 Stopped off at the Belgium border to give my bike some TLC. Looked like rain. so put on my rain pants and rode on.
Just as well. Rained briefly three times before Brussels. And there we had the same torrential flood around Brussels, as last year!

Pulled in for fuel around Brussels and decided to overnight in Liege.

Good choice. Hotel near the railway station had motorcycle parking (free on the street near door), bistro, and if I needed it, a laundrette around the corner.
Room was well organized, and clean.
And friendly Dutch cyclists had a chat. Vim, Khyrst and Albert. And no, I did not give them a hard time about TomTom.

Last year, I had been told that Belgians were bad drivers. Not my experience till this Saturday. Had two near-death events: first a van coming onto the motorway, that must have had me in the blind spot. I already had an exit strategy, so chose that rather than being wiped out by a white van; second was a messed lane merging event, that left me with the option of slowing to a stop, or moving over into the outside lane. I chose poorly. Moved over, and the North American pickup sped up and prevented me moving over. Luckily a bike requires a small gap, and I took it. WTF applies to this situation. Never had a sensible lane-change refused. This was a first. Anywhere. And the plates were Belgian, though the occupants young.
But, your’s truly arrived in Liege safely 🙂

Now Richard had suggested a restaurant. But I had to find the hotel he stayed at. Luckily it was quite the other side of town. Took a stroll. Saw lots. Thanked my lucky stars the beer festival was closed! Though the kiddies puppet show, and fairground were open.

Found the hotel after walking through a medieval alley full of restaurants. Closed. For sale. The hotel that is…..

By now I was in need of a beer. Luckily this is Belgium…..

Then over to the cathedral, and wander back to the hotel. 
Nice place Liege.

Found the same cyclists. Sat away from them in case they forced me to drink. I was still recovering from the cider house 🙁
Had nice mussels in white wine…..

…though the service was touch n go.
And the picture does not do justice to the bucket of mussels I had to work through! With vegetables!

Tyashko na emmigratsii 😉