Motorcycle Maintenance, Nigel and Farewell

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Went back to the BMW dealer and did some book-keeping. By the time I finished, my bike was ready.

Put on the handle-bar muffs.
Then the rain started.
Put on my wet-weather gear, to much ribbing from Thomas 🙂
Five minutes later, I had to stop. Too sunny for wet-weather gear!!!
Best of all, the bike feels MUCH better. Seriously. Like new 🙂

Back to Heidelberg, and happy.
Went for supper with Bob, an American rider who was in for one night. We had salmon for supper, with wine. Bob picked up the tab.

Wednesday morning up and lots of TaiChi.

Off to see Nigel.
Stopped off in Heidelberg for some chocolate. Outstanding stuff. 
Cuppa at Nigels’s then off for lunch. You can just see Nigel’s elbows in the photo…….

Margaret had finished cleaning the kitchen by the time we returned.
We all sat down to photos of the grandson going to school. Big event in Germany. Whole family involved. Kids get LOADS of sweets. And some toys. 

Good chat then home. 
TLC for the bike. Even checked the oil, which is just under max 🙂

No supper needed. So early to bed.

Thursday up to do some planning.
Being in a location with bikers is both good and bad. Lots of info, but also lots of chat!
Set my appointment to visit BMW plant in Berlin 🙂 Had to use the phone as the online process is messed. But September the first here we come 🙂 🙂 🙂 Booked hotels nearby for the night before and the night after.
Tried booking a ferry to Bergen in Norway, but Mastercard requires an AuthCode process. After you give all your personal details, you end up with another password, that you need to remember for that site. Aaaaaagh! And PayPal was behaving strangely, which is weird. It’s been working AOK on my site for 20yrs. 
So booked my trip to the ferry station and will see when I get there. Worst case scenario? I end up in Lubeck, the marzipan capital of Germany. hahaha

Went for a stroll and some shopping.
Brought back too much food so shared some with Ron.

Friday morning up early and pack the bike.
Head out.
Denmark here I come!