Hard ride Friday. Long time on the road. Combination of roadworks causing tailbacks, and needing to stop.
The needing to stop was due to fatigue. I fear that I may be allergic to Germany. Puffy eyes. Stuffy lungs.
At least I can do something about the traffic! It’s what the white line is for. And many move over, though usually there is enough room anyway.

Nice part was lunch, because it was unexpected…….

a German take on a cabbage roll. Brill 🙂

Came into Hannover around 5pm.
Made some calls then out to check on the laundrette situation. Happened on one closer than Google found 🙂 Just as well, the rain had started by the time I left the hotel. 

Took a walk around in the 40mins to do the wash. Not sure what to expect after 40yrs. Am in the Christkirke area. Middle Eastern influence. Though not with the weather!

Laundry done.
Suppertime kebab……

Took a look at Hannover via the web, over supper. Red line still in place. Takes you to the major places. Just follow the red line. Great idea!
My hotel was a little north of the red line.

After supper, early night.