Saturday up early, listen to some radio shows, then TaiChi.
TLC for the bike.
Middle-eastern tea. Now that does take me back. When I was young and had a black beard 🙂

Rode out expecting an easy ride. Supposed to be an hour shorter then yesterday’s was supposed to be. Ah well. Nice to be young and naive 🙂
Took 8hrs. 
Traffic was horrendous! Mostly due to poor merging. How do I know? After every junction, traffic cleared up. 
Must have also been some volume issues. Was worse then the ride down to Heidelberg!
And of course, there’s construction. Lots of construction.
The upshot was that I rode either on the white line, or through a construction zone. Hard work.

The weather had been cloudy, but an hour or so out, rain clouds loomed. Pulled over and stopped in a special lay-by in a construction zone. Donned my rain-gear. Good job. Some 15mins later a light rain. then sun. Then heavy rain. Then sun, light rain, and a really wet road, all at the same time. Repeated all day.

Next stop was for brunch……

The food really helped fortify me! 
Just as well, it was traffic jams pretty much all the way to Denmark. Hard riding.
Germany has lots of filling foods!

Someway north of Hamburg (an impressive port) I pulled over. 4hrs of riding, last 3 in rain, time to lube the chain.
Gave me time for a nap. 

Last leg seemed AOK. sunshine and light traffic. Ah. It was a trap. Some 3km tail-back to the border. 
Easy crossing. Just waved through.
Guess what? No traffic. 
Ran another 50km, and filled up. That’s when the rain returned.

Dry as I came into Kolding.
Bit of a challenge finding the hotel. But worth it. The bike has indoor parking. And TLC.

Still the 8hrs on the road meant I was unpacking in the hotel room and got to see the goals where Leicester won 2-0, and Arsenal lost 1-0 🙂
All’s right with the world. 

Then a stroll.
Around and to the harbour. Part of the fijord.
Lots of nice walks. Especially the lake……

Even found a bar with IPA…..

Then back.
Midsomer Murders. Yes even here.
And bed. 

G’nite All

ps: seems the air is better up here. Breathing much better!