Up on a grey/sunny Sunday morning. Been raining overnight. Bike must be happy with the underground parking.
Feeling as if I had been at a late night party. If only!

Reviewed the planning for today. If I skip the scenic route along the west coast, will leave just a 4hr ride. Otherwise 6.5hrs.
Either way I go to Legoland! In Billund, where it all started.

TaiChi then down for breakfast…….

…. followed by fruit salad, bacon (streaky as in North America, not the bacon they ship to the UK), sausage, boiled egg, really good pate, cheese and more tea.

Checked the tires. 
Packed the bike.
Included adding a new strap for my warning triangle. The case has been threatening to fall of my right-hand pannier. Even velcro cannot defy the laws of physics. 

Rode out all nice and dry, but dressed “just in case”. The rain started, shortly. And quickly became biblical. Seriously biblical. 
Once I was properly dampened, the rain stopped. Then started. Then stopped. etc

Made it easily to Legoland. Well. Lots of signage 🙂
Though security shoo’d me away from the main gate. Something about the area being full of little children?
So rode around into the car-park and took this……

Then on to my first proper stop, Thorsminde
3hrs on the road meant time for lunch……

which was found at the St George museum. All about shipwreaks, off the coast hereabouts.
You can see the North Sea from here……

Refreshed, I moved on. Scenic route along the coast. Big grassy berm to the west, and lakes, bogs, and farms to the east. With a few woods. Oh. And Wind-turbines everywhere. 
Not a good spot for parachutists!

Ran on, and on, through a few rainstorms. Lemvig looked pretty.
I was thinking of going looking for a barrow in Thisted, but it was getting late. Filled up and ran on.

Got into Hirtshals and found my hotel. They have me in a cabin in the beach. Big grassy hillocks. With flowering bushes everywhere. 
You can spot the old cabins and the new ones. The old ones are tucked in against the wind. The new ones are perched atop a dune to admire the view. 

Walked the route to ride my bike in. Seemed easy. Along a concrete path. Turn left over the loose gravel.‎ Down the grassy slope. Along the bumpy grass track, and park in front of the cabin.
So how many have thought diving off the top board would be fun? Yup. That’s just how it felt to me when I came to the loose gravel. On a bike you need a PlanB, and possibly a PlanC and PlanD. I’d forgotten about a PlanB. Such as what happens if the turn is messed? PlanB appeared to be that I would have to pick myself up, and then the bike. Or I end up stuck in the prickly bushes around the cabin. Hmmm.
While I was debating with myself, knowing the bike could do this with aplomb, but me worrying about PlanB, a car showed up. Lady smiling at a big biker on a GS worrying about a little slope. 
I let the car go by then executed the turn as a 3-point turn.  A bit “sissy” but safe. PlanB was now easy. All sorts of grassy areas to head for if needed. Bike ran easily over the gravel and along the grass. 
Parked the bike. Gave it some TLC.
Tomorrow I can figure out how to get out of here. haha

Walked down to the water and took this sunset photo……

Shades of Californ-i-a! 
Mind. I’m not putting my feet into this water.  

Walked back to the hotel’s restaurant. 
Scored a table by the window and watched the rest of the sunset. 
With a  fish sandwich.

Back to my cottage. And sleep.

Been another hard day.
Long day in the saddle.
Really nice to see empty roads again.
Especially as the wind has been hard, and blustery all day. Would blow at you from a different quarter, from second to second.
Like a pillow fight at 120kph.
Hmmmm. I’m not selling this biking experience am I! hahahahaha