Up early on Monday morning to blog about yesterday.
Looked out of the curtains and wonder of wonders, the sun was shining!

TaiChi was outside on the deck πŸ™‚ It’s been a while. Β 
Beware the racoons on Toronto. They’ll be into that by now. Used to have one watch me every morning. I kid you not. They probably all know TaiChi by now!

Breakfast was a litre of water, banana and two oranges. Feel better just having written that. haha

Pack the bike.
Pay the bill.
Off to the ferry!
I had tried 4 different websites, all failed. Including this morning, when I think this site objected to a Canadian address and a British phone#.

For those waiting with bated breath, wondering if I made it back onto the main road from my cabin:Β 
Backed from my parking spot, then gently Β rode up the grassy path, halting at the edge of the gravel. There was a blind bend to the right. When it was safe to do so, I rode up onto the track. Then onto the main road. Easy-peasy.

Rode onto the ferry terminal, and a nice lady (Suzanne) sorted out a ticket. It was cheaper than the online sites.
So, in the future, I am just going to show up. A pleasant experience, and a good price. Why would I go online!

Suzanne also suggested I visit the John O’Groats of Denmark.Β 

A side-track got me lunch, in Skagen at a bakery. I fell off the wagon and bought little cakes πŸ™‚ For Ron. Later on πŸ˜‰
Walkabout the small fishing town. Well kept.
Including the tourist information office, who gave me details about Grenen.

A short ride took me to Grenen’s parking lot. Special section for bikes.Β 
A short stroll took me to the wagon, pulled by the tractor. This took me to the point where the North and Baltic seas met…….

Back and into Hiltgen’s downtown for a look around. After all, there must be more than the ferry!
Found some munchies and a coffee.

Then into the queue for the ferry.
Where I met a nice couple from Norway. We shared stories and a cake.

Once on-board, I quickly found my cabin, that was larger than the one from St. Malo.
Took off my armour.
Finished the cake with my tea.
Then went exploring.

Found a piano singer, who sang well.
And an aquavit.

Supper was a potato salad.

And an early night.
With the boat gently rocking me to sleep.

Tuesday morning awoken by the announcement that it was 6am, and the boat would be pulling into Stavanger.
I quickly arose and checked on the bike. Was using a common link for a tie-down, with the nice couple met above. They, and their bike was gone by the time I got to the vehicle deck πŸ™ But they had adjusted my tie-down, so that my bike was secure πŸ™‚
Bikers are nice people!

Back for a modified TaiChi. After all this is a ship.
Then breakfast of fruit salad and cinamon roll.

We followed the Norwegian coast. Water. Rocks. And Trees. Now that sounds familiar!
I may be getting homesick for Canada.

Packed the cabin and updated my notes for the blog. As the ship moved further up the coast.

Shock horror! We have to vacate our cabins before we dock. Presumably so they can clean the cabin and have a quick turnaround.
Still, we can get to our vehicles at the same time.

By now the coast had changed to water, rocks, trees and hills πŸ™‚

Second breakfast……

Took the opportunity for a nap. Rule #1, when there is nothing to do, always take a nap.

Awoke to the boat moving at speed and with aplomb, through the channels as we approached Bergen.

We bikers were first off.
My plan was to go to Oslo, but unsure as to whether to stay a night in Bergen. Rode to that city centre and TomTom misled me. Ended up on the wrong side of a 4km tunnel, and that made my mind up. Oslo here we come. I will find somewhere to stay the night.
Found a safe spot. Plugged in my route. Carried on.

Scenery was outstanding. Cliffs. Trees.
And lots of water. Some water was still as a mirror. Other water was rushing down the mountainside.

Guess the ferry has brought me to Norway πŸ™‚