Once again I think I should be getting a GoPro to capture the ride.
Here is a sample fjord…..

The photo does no justice! 
Nor does it capture the snow in them their hills! Yes. In the mountain tops, snow is visible. And this is August!
Once again, the views are outstanding, but there is no safe stopping place. Or there is, but the view is meh (by comparison).

Rode on to my first waypoint, Granvin. Small place nestled in the mountains. Had a co-op and a bank machine. So I took out some cash, and bought an orange and mineral water. Suitably refreshed, I rode on.

Tunnels. Let’s talk tunnels.
Aside from the fjords and hills, Norway has tunnels. All sorts of tunnels. 
Short ones.
Long ones (>20km).
Straight ones.
Curly ones (think multi-storey carpark)
Ones that go up.
Ones that go down.
They even have roundabouts in them. Seriously. Roundabouts that look like a giant mushroom, surrounded by blue lights. 
The hobbits and dwarves must have moved to Norway, a long time ago!

Rode on to this waypoint…..

And to give you a sense of scale, off-stage-left, there was a passenger liner. Big ship. The fjord and cliffs are huge.

At this point I found a bed for the night, in Geilo.
Rode on to the very first ski resort in Norway. Where even a princess can become an instructor.

Arrived to meet Sasha and Laura from Denmark.
They told me of a restaurant, with real food. How could I resist.
Outstanding pheasant soup….

Nice trout soup……

And a reliable pavlova….

Back n TLC for the bike.
Chat with owner_Stephen, ex-infantry and catering corps, Norwegian army.

Wednesday awoke early. Lay back down for a half hour radio show and awoke at 8am
Lots of TaiChi.

Adjusted the chain on the bike. Felt a bit loose last night. And heard the occasional “slap” whilst riding.

Ran down Hwy40 towards Oslo-ish.
Quite the scenic route. Very alpine.
Found this wooden church……


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Nice, very nice.