Up on Thursday morning, and organised my hotels into next week. Wanted to make sure of a bed in Gothenburg and Copenhagen.

Down for breakfast just before they closed. Best part was smoked salmon on scrambled eggs.

Took this photo of last night’s pub……

then rode out.

Good weather finished. Grey clouds, then a bit of rain every now and again.
The country-side was now looking like Ontario’s Thousand Islands, though on a larger scale.
Rain looked set, so pulled over and dressed. Good choice. Rain became heavy, though only in short bursts.

My destination was an old ‎cold war aircraft bunker.
Great parking. Underground. By the door. On concrete. Good concrete. Well, this is the way aircraft came in and out. So it must be good for a while yet.
TLC for the bike. It had been raining.
Quite the diverse items and history.

When I came back outside, there was still a light rain. And heavy traffic. Which two wheels can negotiate.
Still an adventure though. Even in 10km. TomTom led me astray twice: wrong lane; then wrong side of the road. 
Checked in.
Parked underground. The bike is really being spoilt.

Went walkabout.
Needed some Swedish Kroner, or so I thought.
Used some of the‎‎ side-streets, which have been set aside for pedestrians. With local traffic only.
At 7pm, seemed that‎ everyone was in the bars!

Here is a random photo….

Carried on. And on.
Realised that I had walked further than expected, so sat in a park, and what do I see? A Vespa with two kiddie seats instead of luggage rack 🙂 Brill.

Found a couple of banks, but no ATM.
Did some research and found that Bankomat was the second ATM company in the world. Ordinarily I use only ATM machines from a recognized bank. Guess Sweden is the exception.
Carried on and found a Bankomat. In a shopping mall. But it closed at 6pm. hahaha. You cannot make this stuff up! An ATM that closes 🙂
Found another ATM outside of the mall.

By now I had walked much of Gothenburg. So time for home.
And I had money for a beer, enroute.

First stop was an Aussie bar, in a basement. Where else 🙂 Good chat. Gentle abuse for being a Pom. And this…..

Next was a bar that advertised itself as a home for beer. I asked for a small beer and got one……

And finally, Blackbird, a bistro that had intrigued me as I walked downtown. So popped in. Vegan with organic beer. How could I resist?
Had a glass-noodle salad.

And paid by cash.
First time.
Sweden seems to pay for everything by plastic. Even one small beer!

Home and happily to bed.

Awoke early on a Friday morning, that was damp and grey. Went back to sleep. 
Awoke again and down for breakfast just after 8am.
A little stiff from last night’s walkabout. 

Caught up on emails and bills.

Then off to the Volvo museum. I was taking public transport. Always an adventure.
‎Sat waiting for a tram‎, saw three post office “ice-cream carts”, motorized, zipping by! Now that will put a smile on anyone’s face 🙂
Instead found it was a bus, so cannot buy a ticket. And it was going the wrong way. So just sat on the bus till it arrived at a bus station. Driver pointed me to the shop that sold tickets. Bought a day-pass.  Hey! This is just like London!
Caught another bus, eventually. Takes a while to find the right bus stop for your next stage.

Arrived at what looked like a small museum. However, it does go on, and on. Highlights the breadth of Volvo offerings.
Here are some of the early models…..

A sandwich and some water, then back into town.

Went looking for the locksmith, but found an adventure instead. Lots of chat.

Then what to do for supper?
Came here…..

For an amuse…..


Bambi! Well, there is no other explanation for the venison being this tender! Looks a bit of a mess, but it was anything but! Potato “crumbs”, creamy savoy cabbage, venison and jus.
Had some cheese.
Then wrapped up with espresso and truffle…..

Well worth the monies! In Sweden.

Back home and catch up on my professional responsibilities. Took longer than expected.

Then updated this blog.

See you in Denmark 🙂