Up Saturday morning, before the alarm.
Then “first parade” for the bike. All AOK. And nice to do this in underground parking πŸ™‚
Ride out.

Ran onto Malmo. Grey clouds all the way, but sunshine as I arrived πŸ™‚
Took this photo of the bike……

Then went for a walkabout, and lunch……

Took the overland route to Copenhagen Denmark.
Over the long bridge, then into the tunnel. You are still a long way from land when you go down into the tunnel. Quite exciting.

Arrived at the hotel.
TLC for the bike.
Free parking on the road from 5pm Saturday till Monday morning. Beats the $40 the hotel charges. And it was the receptionist who told me πŸ™‚

Asked about a cultural event: theatre; symphony; or opera. Receptionist was unsure of any such events.
Looking for info on the Web, threw up a brewery. So I went to the Carlsberg brewery…..

Missed the tours. All that stuff ends around 5pm, but the shop and party continue till 8pm. And the bar till MUCH later.
You also see some impressive architecture, just walking onto the site.

Three really nice Imperial Stouts later, Leicester had lost 2-0 to ManU. Both Richard and Ritchie sent updates. I suspect Ritchie was happy. Despite drinking Corona. Who keeps Corona in their fridge?
Walked off a tad sad.
Really. As Ritchie said, we let Fellaini score, and even his wife doesn’t allow that!
Plus that famous Dane, Kasper, stopped ANOTHER penalty. And that wasn’t enough.
Maybe Huth will sort things out in defence, when he returns.

Remembered the Korean kimchi restaurant on the way to the brewery πŸ™‚ So stopped in for a KimChi, followed by BimBap.
Perfect Danish Saturday night πŸ˜‰

And so to bed.

Awoke really early (5am) Sunday morning. So went back to sleep. Awoke to the pitter-patter of rain at 8am.

Checked tire pressures.
Packed the bike.

Off to see the mermaid……

Be careful if you visit. Cyclist nearly run over by an SUV. Place is FULL of tourists from the coach tours. Consequently, full of coaches too. Coaches take up a lot of room and block sight lines!

Best part of seeing the mermaid? Β I did get to see more of Copenhagen πŸ™‚

Then ran south for the ferry. Windy all the way.

The ferry is well organised. The motorway ends at a set of toll-booths. You buy your ticket and get on the ferry to Germany.
Met an Italian couple heading back to Venezia.
There was also a Harley gang from Germany, but I stayed away. Didn’t want to start a fight. They looked to be in their 70’s.

And thus endeth my Scandinavian tour.
Norway for the scenery, and tunnels.
Malmo for a city.
Moss for a town, fish soup, and beer πŸ™‚