Awoke early on a Monday morning. Sunshine. And to stay that way for a couple of days. 

Caught up on my emails. Nigel sent some suggestions for places to visit. Looked at those. Wismar looks nice.

Checked yesterday’s result. TorontoFC won 3-1. 
Giovinco scored a second.
And for some weird reason, TorontoFC is doing very well this season. That’s a first in 20yrs. . 

Did my TaiChi whilst malware and virus checking was going on my laptop. All good.

Out for a recce. Found a laundromat. May give the jeans a wash. Maybe not. I am a biker dude 😉

Then a stroll along one of the waterfronts. Lots of old sailing boats. The type to go out into the Baltic and North seas.

Booked my next stay.
Going to Rostock for two days. 
Then Berlin.

Walked on. Found the puppet museum.
But first a lamb kebab lunch…..

Then the puppet museum, which at first seemed creepy. Was mainly focused on German puppeteers, but also had puppets from around the world.

More walkabout. Still looking for my man-purse. And I had spotted a couple of likely spots yesterday. 
Am stll looking.

Then back to Niederegger for tea…….

Ola would have liked it here!

More of a wander.
Found a place for a haircut.
Then back to the hotel.
Planned the return to Heidelberg, slightly differently. Am going to visit more places from my mis-spent youth 🙂

Did some more planning for October.
Including getting a letter of introduction. My how times have changed! I remember when they were on paper! Now an email is automatically generated. Instead of a week or more, the whole process takes less than 5mins!
Needed the letter to book a place at an event in Toronto. Yes folks. Lock up your daughters, cutlery, and drink. Not necessarily in that order 🙂 Yours trully will be back soon.
Which reminds me. I should book a flight 🙂

Then it was time to do laundry. Just two of us late at night. The other was Simone, a nice young marketeer, who is off next week cycling around the Danish Islands.

Back to the hotel, where the water is off. Maintenance work on the mains.
No worries. I have a thermos of tea, and a kettle ready to make some more 🙂

Back online to pay a few bills.
Have some tea.

Then sleep.

Richard says:

That kebab looked sooo good. Wish I could chomp on it but without teeth, would be a tad difficult.
Alas not too much footie being broadcast this week so it’s time to do some work.

biker says:

no teeth? what happened? You met Stoke City supporters?

hope the tooth fairy was generous. Still who wants to argue with Dwayne Johnson 😉