‎Up on a sunny Tuesday morning.
First parade on the bike.
Ride off to Wismar.

Needed brunch.
Found nice goulash in the market square…..

Next to St Georges church. 
Really nice effect with the bricks on the light around the alter. Clear glass in the windows, but the bricks gave it a red-ish tinge.

Walked on a bit, for coffee and cake……

And then back to where I had parked the bike. Surprisingly quick to get there. Wismar is compact. At least the nice old town.

Different story as I rode out. Ribbon development, or surbuban sprawl.
Then joy of joys, empty roads. No zoom, zoom. Just me, the bike and an interesting road unfolding.

Filled up some 20km out of Rostock, then rode to my hotel.

Checked the wifi. Neither BlackBerry nor Firefox liked the connection! But, I have a data plan on the BlackBerry so all is well.
TLC for the bike. Had a few things to fix: CDN sticker; a widgit stuck in my Bahco adjustable spanner. Am in Clarkson’s camp. A hammer will fix most things 😉

Then a really nice beer at the hotel……

Well, I’d drunk all my tea.
And time for supper.

Wandered around to the waterfront.
Ordered the bouillabaise sans shellfish with legs. I hope. We who are about to die……

Turned out OK.
As did the scallops……

Then to bed.
But slowly. Cramp took hold of my right calf. Yea gods. Must be getting old? NOT!

Awoke at 5am Wednesday morning. Way too early, so back to sleep. 
Awoke again at 9am. Got up and did some research on places to go.‎ 
Either the beach or the zoo. Didn’t fancy either so did some paperwork.
Then had a nap.

Leg feeling better so took a stroll around the old city wall, the main streets and supper.

Ended up here……

where I had the best juicy carpaccio ever…..

followed by a really nice cold tomato soup….

and what could have been a brilliant duck risotto……

, but why does EVERYONE add parmigiano to the rice?????

Nice plum tart with cream to finish…..

Good job I only had a couple of apples today 🙂

And thence to bed.
Early night.
Have to ride to Berlin for Friday’s BMW factory visit 🙂