Up around 6am on a Thursday morning, that showed it had been raining. But sunny now 🙂
First parade on the bike.
Ride off to Warnemunde, or, Rostock’s beachfront. Quite liked Rostock. Has history AND vibrancy.

Warnemunde is a nice little seaside town with a HUGE sandy beach. Properly sandy, and organised.

Took a quick walk on the beach, a tour of the town, then ran south.

Found my fave German cabbage rolls when I stopped to fill up.

Then rode on to Falkansee, much refreshed.
Was only 30km, but took me almost as long as the 180km! Detour due to construction. And I must have missed a sign. Because TomTom was no help!
But arrived at the hotel. Great parking spot. Great room. Nice to get both in a forest.

TLC for the bike.
Proper coffee.
Then the rain. Big rain 🙂

Did some paperwork. 
Must get another process. The one I have takes too long. Information is now in LOTS of locations. Life has become complicated.

Then shower.
As a biker I should abhor showering. But Lubeck has been the only place with air-conditioning. And whilst Germany is not hot, it is humid. Perspiration starts before I put on all my plastic!
At least it is cool while riding.

Then down for a pork steak, and potato pancake supper……

And an early night. 
BMW plant visit tomorrow 🙂

G’nite All

Richard says:

Looking forward to seeing pics of the plant.

biker says:

No photos allowed inside the plant.
Just in the conference room where the tour started. There were current bikes and a few historical samples.
Only took the one photo. Of the 310.